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Since 2011 Mady’s Angels has donated almost $388,000 to 531 families and 83 organizations in our community and beyond for medical assistance and research, supporting families with bereavement, scholarships, community outreach and animal welfare. Mady’s Kitchen was also established and feeds about 150 people in our community every month at St John’s Catholic Church. Mady’s Angels promotes the concept of “Paying it forward.”

Madyson Brendyl Law was born December 14, 1997 and left this world too early on December 21, 2010. Mady had more compassion and selflessness in her brief 13 years than most people express in their entire lifetime. She was and is the type of person who looked to be involved. She would volunteer for a variety of fundraising and charity events for such groups as Bushkill Outreach, Operation Smile, Relay for Life, and Walk for Hunger just to name a few. Mady was the type of person who would save up her allowance and give it away to a multitude of causes. She was the type of person we should all strive to be.

The following piece of paper was found in Mady's room after her passing. It was written by Mady and tucked away in her nightstand less then one month before her untimely death. Many words of speculation have come from friends and family regarding such a poignant message coming from someone so young.

Mady's Letter

"I think that when people think of death they shall not dread it but rejoice when hearing the words... I think people are only sad because they fear people will judge them saying they have no feeling or a cold heart. Death is something to be proud of because you share memories with the person and when you think of death instead of those memories that people bring to your mind, remember the memories that you brought to their mind...

Death is just another rocky road in your life...."

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Mady's Character

Mady was a very spiritual and giving person

3rd Grade: 

  • Gave $100.00 of her savings to charity
  • Gave $125.00 to Operation Smile to help a child born with a cleft pallet

5th Grade: 

  • Walk for hunger in East Stroudsburg
  • Gave $70.00 to charity

6th Grade: 

  • Relay for Life @ East Stroudsburg North High School with NJHS.  Raised money, donated money, and walked all night

7th Grade:

  • Helped with local charities such as Bushkill Outreach

Mady's Achievements

6th Grade:  Most Artistic Award
6th Grade:  Class President
6th Grade:  Student of the month award in April 2010 for Cooperation
6th & 7th Grade:  High Honors
Green belt in Tae Kwon Do-working toward purple belt